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Author & Writer

Sunehar Ishaq

With Verses and Stories, I Illuminate the Corners of the Soul.

Books By Sunehar Ishaq

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Sunehar ishaq’s second book “illah-hu” was published on 14th of January 2022. Scroll down to get more info.


Sunehar Ishaq’s first book “Afsana-e-Zindagi” was published in October 2020. Scroll down to get more info.

About Auther

Meet Sunehar Ishaq: The Creative Soul

Hey there! We’d like to introduce you to the wonderful world of Sunehar Ishaq, a writer with an extraordinary talent for bringing heartwarming stories to life. With two incredible books already under her belt, “Afsana e Zindagi” and “Illa Hu” she’s made quite an impression in the literary realm, and we can’t wait to share the excitement about her upcoming third book!

Afsana e Zindagi:

Sunehar’s first book, “Afsana e Zindagi,” is like a heartfelt chat with a dear friend. It’s all about life’s ups and downs, the beauty of shared experiences, and the moments that make us feel truly alive. Her storytelling is a reminder of the magic that exists in everyday life, and it’ll leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Illa Hu:

Now, if you’re ready for an adventure, “Illahu” is your ticket to an enchanted world of fantasy and wonder. Sunehar’s storytelling takes you on a journey where dreams come to life, and the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. It’s like a friendly nudge to embrace your imagination and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Upcoming Book:

Hold onto your seats, because Sunehar’s third book is on its way! While we’re keeping the details hush-hush for now, you can be sure that it’ll be another heartwarming addition to your bookshelf, filled with her trademark charm and thought-provoking themes.

In Sunehar Ishaq’s writing, you’ll find a friendly embrace of faith, love, passion, hope, patience, loyalty, and the joy of dreaming. Her stories feel like a warm conversation over coffee with an old friend, leaving you with a smile and a renewed sense of appreciation for life’s little wonders.

So, join us in celebrating the talent of Sunehar Ishaq, a writer who knows how to touch your heart and stir your imagination with her friendly and inviting narratives. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book, because we’re sure it will be a delightful addition to your reading list!

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